The Most Important Things You Must Consider When Choosing a New Workplace

The Most Important Things You Must Consider When Choosing a New Workplace

Each employee must have different criteria about the desired workplace. What’s more, the workplace has a big effect on your performance and quality. In choosing a place of work, many things you need to consider. Therefore, before you decide to resign from your current company or apply to the ideal company, the following 7 important things you should pay attention to.

1. According to your expertise

You must ensure that the work you do later matches your expertise or skills. Working according to expertise will feel more fun. It also gives you the convenience to complete work within the deadline. According to a survey conducted by job search sites, as many as 62% of employees find it difficult to sleep well because they think of work being delayed. Many factors affect work delays so that they accumulate later on, one of which is the lack of expertise or skills. When you don’t have the skill to finish a job, feeling lazy, bored and reluctant to start attacking so you tend to delay the job. To make sure the type of job matches your expertise, you should ask questions around the general job description during a job interview. However, this does not apply if you decide to switch professions according to your passion. Even so, you still have to prepare yourself to be able to adapt to the new profession.

2. Company Reputation

In choosing a new workplace, you need to make sure the company to which your application letter was sent has good performance and reputation. Almost all employees want to work in companies that have proud achievements. In addition to an adequate salary, working in a company that already has a big name gives you broader experience and job opportunities. Work experience in a well-known company gives added value to your CV making it easier to tread a higher career path in the future. In addition, a proud company will add to your confidence.

So, make a list of companies that have a good reputation. Then dig up information about these companies both online and offline. Online, you can read profiles and reviews about the company on the official website and social media. In addition, it will be very beneficial if you dig information from acquaintances or people who have worked at the company. Analyze all the information you get from various sources, while still looking objectively and positively.

3. Salary

Questioning salary is often the main desire of an employee when choosing a new workplace. Reporting from in salary negotiations during the interview, you should be able to adjust salary demands with the expertise you have. Do not let you ask for a large salary but can not make an appropriate contribution to the company. Expertise and work experience are generally directly proportional to the salary you can get at a company. But it all depends on the company’s policies and financial conditions. Large companies with high income will certainly provide salaries above the average, even for fresh graduates though.

You need to find information about the salary you deserve, according to your expertise and work experience. Get to know yourself deeper and increase your confidence in answering questions about salary during a job interview. Make sure the salary you get at the new workplace is better than the previous company.

4. Company Location

The strategic location here does not mean close to shopping centers or other public places, but rather has an ideal distance between the office and residence. What is the ideal distance? Traveling less than 1 hour or less than 10 km from where you live is a relatively reasonable distance. By having a short distance between the office and residence, you do not have to waste a lot of time and energy on your way to work.

The location of the workplace also affects your performance, although not directly. If you get tired when you reach the office, work motivation will decrease and cause a decrease in performance. Workplaces that are so far away can actually be overcome by renting a boarding house or rented house close to the office. However, you have to adjust the rental fee to your financial condition. Not wise if you force half the salary to pay the cost of renting a house near the office.

5. Career Path

Workplaces that recognize that employees are the company’s greatest assets will think in detail about each individual’s career planning. Workplaces like this should be ranked at the top of your list of selected workplaces. Choosing a new workplace is not just to get a better salary, but also a higher career path.

The first thing you can do is pay attention to the organizational structure of the company. From the available charts you can clearly see the career path you will take after becoming an employee at the company. In full, you should ask directly during a job interview regarding career planning and the positions contained in the structure, there may be positions that are not listed.

6. Opportunity to Develop Yourself

The workplace is actually not just a place where you should work for a living, but can be a place to learn and develop yourself towards a better person. Choosing a workplace that provides the broadest opportunity to develop yourself is the main point that will make you happy to work there.

When you choose a new workplace, make sure the opportunity to apply your knowledge and hone your skills is wide open. Working in a small or large company certainly provides a lot of lessons and work experience. Let’s just say you’re studying but get paid. It’s really fun, right? Not all workplaces provide training for employees or broad opportunities to develop themselves. If you have found it, develop an open attitude and enjoy learning so that you become more professional.

7. Health Insurance

When choosing a new workplace, make sure you get health insurance from the company. This is in anticipation when you experience health problems while working there. This health insurance shows the company’s concern for the health and welfare of employees. Especially for those of you who are married, clearly ask anyone from a family member whose health will be guaranteed by the company. This health insurance can ease your finances when you have to pay for the costs of medicines, doctors or hospitals because of impaired health, especially for those of you who do not have health insurance. Choosing a new workplace can not be done in a hurry or within a day or two. Before sending a letter of resignation to the company beforehand, you need to spend time (a maximum of a month) to find out about your dream company.