Easy Ways to Learn Maths to Quickly Understand!

Easy Ways to Learn Maths to Quickly Understand!

Mathematics is a subject that is always present in every curriculum, from elementary school to college. Not only in science and technology majors, even in social science departments mathematics is used to solve various quantitative problems.

On the other hand, many people find it difficult to learn mathematics. The mindset that mathematics is a scourge has spread everywhere. Many feel that Mathematics is a relatively difficult subject. Do you feel that way? But, if we understand the principles, then we will be able to learn mathematics well.

Because mathematics is a unique subject, it takes unique skills to conquer it. This time, we discuss about what we must understand to learn mathematics:

1. Need strong active learning

In learning mathematics, you really need to be active. Mathematics is not just a lesson to calculate something. Mathematics is a lesson that trains our logic for problem solving. Unlike other subjects, one chapter of mathematics lessons can cover various kinds of problems (questions) that we must solve.

Well, the way to get around this is to get our brains used to solving those problems. This is tantamount to solving life’s problems. We must actively practice our problem solving skills, so that if we meet any problem, we can solve it well.

2. Math is cumulative!

Mathematics is cumulative, starting from basic operations (+) and (-), increasing to (x) and (:). Learning math will be difficult if you jump around, from one material to another. Almost all branches of mathematics are related and influence each other.

In learning mathematics, what you learn today becomes an important part of what you will study tomorrow. If you miss something, you’ll have a hard time catching up on the next material, and if you don’t catch up soon, you’ll keep falling behind. This is why many people easily fail in learning mathematics.

3. Focus on understanding concepts, not memorizing

In some lessons, we will pass and get good grades by relying on rote memorization. We can memorize names, dates, body parts, etc. However, mathematics cannot be solved properly by relying on memorization.

Memorizing all the formulas is a bad idea. Understanding the concept is an absolute thing for us in learning mathematics. If you don’t understand the concept, by holding all the books in the world, or carrying formula notes, you still won’t be able to solve math problems well.

4. Make a list of vocabulary & math formulas

For many people, especially mathematicians, mathematics is a language in itself. Mathematics has so many terms, followed by so many formulas. To make it easier to learn mathematics, one trick that can be used is to make a list of vocabulary and formulas in mathematics, and read it often to understand and remember what it means and what it is used for.

5. Keep records well & clearly

If you have trouble learning math, taking notes with only certain points is obviously a waste of time. Make comprehensive notes, note important things that the teacher sometimes doesn’t write on the blackboard. Pay attention to the emphasis given by the teacher, take the core concepts and existing formulas, make yourself understand by rewriting them in your own language. But be careful, don’t get too busy taking notes until you miss the teacher’s explanation.

6. Do the exercises & homework well

Practice assignments or homework will often be given in learning mathematics. The tasks are given to encourage us to develop skills and familiarize ourselves with mathematical concepts and problem solving. If you want to master math, stop complaining about so many problems, and start working. Don’t cheat easily! The tip is to do this assignment while the lesson is still fresh in your mind, for example right after class or on the same day. Work in detail, showing every step of the problem solving you take.