8 Exercising How to Shrink Thighs

8 Exercising How to Shrink Thighs

To get a slim and toned shape, one of the tricks is to do exercises to shrink the thighs. To get a slim and toned shape, one of the tricks is to do exercises to shrink the thighs.

The dimensions of the slim and toned thighs do look perfect. To get the perfect shape, one of the tricks is to do exercises to shrink the thighs.

The trigger for the shape of the thigh to be larger is usually due to excess body weight so that there is fat accumulation.

It is also supported by other aspects such as the structure and composition of each person’s body which is definitely different.

Here are some exercise movements that you can do to help tighten and shrink the thighs.

1. Curtsy Lunge

Quoted from Healthline, this leg exercise that focuses on the thigh can be tried in 2 stages in a row. Each session is close to 10-15 the same moves for 15-30 seconds.

Stand straight while locking your stomach and legs slightly apart at shoulder level or more

Cross legs back alternately with a slight squat body position

Make sure your body is always straight and not too bent when doing it.

2. Dumbbell Lunges

The exercise movement shrinks the thighs then uses dumbbells as a weight. If there is not, there is also no problem, because it can rely on body weight.

Stand tall while locking your stomach and legs hip-width apart

The movement is like going forward but not while on track and held in a squat

When stepping, keep your feet in a position so they don’t touch the floor or the base. Run for close to 30 seconds at least 2 stages.

3. Leg criss-cross

This simple movement to match the scissors is also known as the scissors exercise. This movement helps work the inner and outer thigh muscles and the base of the abdomen.

Face the body on your back facing up, while both hands are outstretched

Lift both legs until the body forms a 90 degree angle

Swing your legs in a criss-cross motion to the right and left

Continue this movement for 45 seconds. You can take 10 seconds to take a breath before starting the next move.

4. Side lunges

Side lunges are almost like basic lunges. The difference is in the movement of the foot to the side and it is easier to try for at least 30 seconds and each leg 10-15 times.

The position of the body is straight, it can be while adding a load or not according to ability

Open your right leg to the side while half squatting, then return to a straight position

Then open your left leg to the side while half squatting and return to the starting position. Should change legs periodically, repeat the movement 10-15 times or for 30 seconds.

5. Pile squats

As the name implies, these pile squats are similar to basic squats, but the position of the legs is opened wide like a side stance and the movement is tried for the umpteenth 30 seconds.

The position of the legs to form a side stance and squats

Then move towards the bottom and up the umpteenth. The position of the body must always be straight and lock the stomach.

Gradually the movement is similar to a half squat but the legs are spread out to the sides.

6. Side-leg lift knee in

This movement focuses on the thigh, abdominal, and back muscles; as well as train coordination and flexibility of the body.

Lay your body sideways, for example facing left first

Place your right hand on your hip to make it easier to move, while your head is placed on your left hand

Bend the left leg until it forms 90 degrees, while the right leg is straightened

After the body position is ready, start moving the left knee until the thigh holds the chest

Continue this movement for 45 seconds. Repeat the same movement by changing the other leg for the same duration.

7. Side-lying leg raise

Not only to shrink the thighs, the movement of swinging the legs with this side lying position can also train balancers and tighten the hips and knees.

Sleep on one side, for example the left side

Use a pillow or left arm to support the head, otherwise the right hand goes to the waist

Align the legs until they are completely straight and the body is in a ready position

Start lifting your right leg up as high as you can, then lower your leg to the starting position

Perform this movement for 45 seconds and make sure the pelvis is always normal. Repeat the same movement on the other side.

8. Supine inner thigh lift

The supine inner thigh lift moves while lying down, so you can try it when you wake up or before going to bed for at least 30 minutes.

Lie on your back on a mat or mattress and both feet are raised parallel

Allow the left leg to always be straight and the right leg to start to be opened to the side as much as possible

Continue the same movement, right leg upright and left leg opened to the side.

In addition to the above exercises, you can do other thigh-shrink exercises such as running or the treadmill. So that the results are optimal, these movements can be combined to coincide.

But make sure you regularly do it at least 3 times a week and balance it with a healthier lifestyle.