6 Tips for Adding Wood Elements in a Minimalist Bathroom

6 Tips for Adding Wood Elements in a Minimalist Bathroom

The touch of wood elements in a minimalist bathroom can bring the atmosphere closer to the real world. However, the use of wood material is sometimes considered risky because considering the humid conditions in the bathroom can damage the wood. No need to worry, there are special tricks for caring for wood material in the bathroom.

In the modern era, the use of wood elements is not only in cottages. Even today many bathroom designs make wood as the main material. For bathroom designs, wood elements are often combined with other materials. Such as polished micro concrete, brick walls, and contemporary ceramics.

Here follows a design inspiration using wood elements for a minimalist bathroom

1. Full Wood Element Bathroom

This bathroom is designed with the concept of tropical full wood in almost all parts. Starting from the walls, floors, ceilings, and door frames. Plus, the natural light that comes in provides a clean, comfortable, and exotic atmosphere.

2. The fusion of Wood and Ceramic Flooring

The concept of a minimalist bathroom is a pretty smart alternative. Especially for those who do not have all day to clean the bathroom. The combination of wood and ceramic floors makes it very attractive. Plus the white color on the sink and storage rack makes it look more modern.

3. The combination of hardwood floors and marble walls

For those who prioritize cleanliness, the use of light-colored wood in the bathroom is very appropriate with stunning results. Ceramic walls and additional glass doors in the shower area form a modern impression.

4. The eccentric combination of wood and ceramic walls

Letarte Sitompul’s architect is brave enough to play colors in the bathroom design concept. The combination of wood and ceramic elements on the floor shows a clean and modern impression. The center of attention is located on the side of the wall that uses purple ceramics that appear eccentrically. Creating a unique and eclectic bathroom.

5. Bathroom with a Touch of Darker Wood

The Goodwood designers are reliable in the use of wood elements. Although using a darker type of wood, a minimalist bathroom can still accentuate the impression of warmth and relaxation. It is precisely here that the main strength relies on all elements of wood in the bathroom. A transparent roof that becomes access to natural lighting plays an important role in reducing bathroom humidity.

6. Luxury Bathroom with Marble and Solid Wood

A bathroom with a beautiful view will certainly provide more comfort and a relaxed atmosphere. Although there are no complete facilities inside it, the harmonious interior design is enough to support relaxation when bathing. As in this bathroom model that comes with a natural feel through a combination of solid wood and marble elements.